I Need Your Support!

I Need Your Support If my work has resonated with you, please consider supporting me in the following ways. 1. Write to me Any words from your heart will be received with deep gratitude. Email me at smallfish1975@gmail.com. Please do not include links in your first email to me. If you do not hear from me within a week, do check back with me. 2. Create the space together with me A shelter of the hearts can not be created by a single heart. A shelter that stays open, rain or shine, needs to be created by as many warm hearts as possible. Join my circles and let’s walk together towards this impossible dream from right here. 3. Be my witness Be my witness and watch how I grow along with my struggles, my dreams and this shelter we are creating here. Join this google group to be updated with our work. 4. Make a donation No amount is too little and no amount is too large. Every amount will be received with deep gratitude and humility. Make a donation here.